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security camera web link not needing plug-ins or drivers

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security camera web link not needing plug-ins or drivers

I don't particularly like those security camera web links that require you install a plug-in, java, or a driver or such.  But it looks like the cameras I have don't demand that, as I have them set to "motion JPEG".  Which Firefox plays fine.  The cameras are model D-Link DCS-1100   AXIS M1011 Network Camera looks to be another camera that does motion JPEG.

Sure, motion JPEG may eat more bandwidth, but I'd rather not require people who want to take a look at the images from my cameras to have to install something on their computer. 

One camera looks over the busy road I live on, and the other a stunning view of my back yard.  :-)

The cameras are in white enclosures, which will reflect off the window glass and mess up the images.  I didn't want them outside in the weather.  So I got some black paper, cut a hole for the camera lens, and taped it to the camera body.  This cuts the reflected sunlight getting into the image.  I also put some black paper on the window glass just above the camera field of view, to keep direct sunlight from getting into and bouncing around the camera lens.  I also had to apply black magic marker to the white focusing ring around the lens. 

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The views:

The views (I reduced the size to 1/4, in terms of area):  Yes, there's some just off view sunlight getting into the image, but it was way worse before I added the black paper on the window glass to shadow the lens from the Sun.

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Couldn't agree more


I can't agree more about cameras that require add-ons should not be used for EMCOMM. the whole idea is to build a system that can work independently and without Internet so that it's available when the need arises. 

Imagine deploying one of those cameras in a field during an emergency, and other nodes can't access it because they don't have the required plug-in or add-on and, guess what? no internet as well. 

I salute you for opting out of using those. 

Aly B.

A plugin does not equal the
A plugin does not equal the need for the internet. Plugins sometimes are stored inside the camera, other times you can store them on a small server along side the camera.

Presumably you will be performing a drill on your network on a routine basis and everyone who actually has a need to access the cameras (hint just because a camera is available doesn't mean you need to access it)  will have their machines properly configured to handle the camera well before the disaster.

That said I think ONVIF is the way to go for those needing to manage and control cameras (single software application to control many types of cameras)

Also most cameras support an MPEG stream of video so you can use any video player to watch,  the plugin is often only needed for controlling the camera (if not using ONVIF)
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AXIS M1011 Network Cameras

AXIS M1011 Network Cameras are another camera that does motion JPEG, and don't require a login to view the image.  Though you do need to login  to change settings. 


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