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Second Switch VLAN config question

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Second Switch VLAN config question
I have a GS015E in the shack, configured per the recommendations, and it works perfectly.
I have two nodes at the top of the shack.  One is my default gateway via a network cable to the shack at to the GS105E.  I'd like to deploy a Toughswitch at the base of the tower to convey all VLAN traffic from both nodes back to the shack transparently supporting the default gateway and DtD traffic.  How do I configure the Toughswitch ports?

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coordinate the vlan tags across both switches as if you have one big switch.  The trick is to pass the vlan tags in use (keeping the tag on the packets) over a cable between the 2 switches.      So on both switches, allocate a port connecting them together, then assign vlan 1 (tags stay on 'T') to this port for WAN traffic to go back and forth.   Also, to pass the LAN traffic for both mesh nodes down to the shack,  vlans 10 and 11 would also stay tagged over this 'trunk' cat5 (or whatever tag # you chose for the respective LAN traffic).  

We'd have to get into details of the port allocations for the specific settings on both switches.



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