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SARIMESH Network Activity update

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SARIMESH Network Activity update

Hi all,
as may be you already know, end 2016 we started a project to create and experiment a small MESH network based on the AREDN technology.

We started with a feasibility study where we collected as much as possible informations on the subject of wifi based networks experiments going on, in order to findout the perimeter for an experiment that could be fully in line with HAM rules and could provide some real possibility of doing something original and not only just re-inventing the wheel...

The result was  a roadmap including few phases with associated targets and contents.

After 18 months the experimentation is still alive and fully in line with our roadmap :)

Initially we just made a few nodes network just to keep familiarity with the AREDN technology, the HW/SW  and radio issues and acquire a first evidence of how to use such a network and technology.

In a further phase we keep extending the network by first creating a backbone and then deploying additional local meshs.  Our target at present is just limited to the physical areas close to the Napoli / Salerno area that stands in central/southern Italy close to Sorrento Peninsula, golf of Napoli  and the Vesuvio volcanic area.

Our aim is to prove the AREDN is a viable solution to do, not only something for leisure, but also something with a social and community security target.

We have two web sites at present related to the project:

The two sites are respectively dedicated the firstone to be a blog related to the project and the surrounding themes, while the second in mostly dedicated to collect and make freely available to the (eventually)  interested peoples all the data and test tools/results collected during the experiment run in realtime.

In a recent post we have described the present status of the network coverage; the post can be freely accessed at

it is in italian but can be easily translated via google...

We are willing to get in contact with other OMs or groups interested in the subject  as well as to receive any contribution to possible experimentation areas.

Mike I8FUC


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