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Santa Barbara Mesh Network Mapping Project

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Santa Barbara Mesh Network Mapping Project
Hi all, I'm sorry for the double post, but I thought more eyes might see this here and I may get more ideas for improving our map. (also posted at: The SBARC Mesh has a new visualization and mapping tool for our network. (and others we tunnel into) Check it out!: The data on the map updates itself hourly. The location data is polled from the Nodes themselves. The link data is taken from the olsr-mod-dot-draw add-on. This is so far helping us to really see where our poor links are. (we already knew somewhat, but it helps to be able to easily show others. :) ) (we currently have a tunnel going with the ventura, ca. mesh group, so the map includes both networks at the moment) 73 to all and I hope you like our map! eric - kg6wxc

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