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Same Subnet Address

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Same Subnet Address

Is there a way to have the Bullets talking on the same Subnet, so that they are working in LAN mode?  We are experimenting with remoting a Flex 6500, and the computer to radio need to be on the same subnet to work.  We don't want to add complications of another computer or switches at the radio end or other software to resolve. Your suggestions are welcome.  Kevin

It's not possible to have two

It's not possible to have two modes that are remote from each other share the same subnet, this is because of IP routing each device needs a different IP range so the nodes can route to each other.

Quick look at the flex site says same subnet/broadcast domain,  this means that the device likely (I haven't used a flex) uses broadcast packets that can't traverse over a broadcast domain barrier (each node is a router which is a broadcast split).

If that is the case it would require additional software to tunnel over to it (virtual networking )

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VA3KGS,   the performance of

VA3KGS,   the performance of a wireless mesh link (we're doing max 54Mbps at the protocol layer), may not be sufficient for the high volume of traffic between the Flex 6500 and the computer.  This is the vendor's "LAN remote setup".   This is somewhat a conflict in terms in that being remote usually implies that we're going over the WAN not a "Local Area Network".    While we might figure out a way to technically get the computer and Flex 6500 talking across the mesh network, are the performance requirements established for the product to correctly function?

This reference is encouraging:

Joe AE6XE 

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