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Running meshchat

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Running meshchat
Newbie here.

I installed meshchat on my hap lite router, and the setup page indicates that it was installed. What do I have to do to invoke or start it?

In a possibly related question the "mesh" box in the setup screen is unchecked for both my router and my LGH5 antenna. what does that mean? I do not seem to be able to change it and have it saved.


Greg Thumm
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Running meshchat: What do I have to do to invoke or start it?
MeshChat: "What do I have to do to invoke or start it?"

Hi, Greg:

You need a version of meshchat-api.ipk running on the node that has meshchat.ipk installed on it.
You need to Advertise the Service in /cgi-bin/ports
I run meshchat v1.02 on a RaspberryPi and it is a Service on my Ubiquiti Loco M2.
I hope someone that is running meshchat on a node will follow up on your post.

My 'Mesh RF' box on the node running meshchat is not checked.
The 'mesh' box on the /cgi-bin/setup page: not being able to change it and save
should be a separate issue/post.

73, Chuck

First point ... you don't
First point ... you don't need to install MeshChat unless you need to host it for other stations on your local mesh.  Just use one already installed.

But if you need a new meshchat ... install the latest package 2.12.0 on your node.  Then go to port forwarding etc and advertise it with port 8080.  I seem to think it automatically puts itself into your port forwarding advertised services list ... with a generic name which you can change to whatever you want.  It will sync with any other meshchat that has the same advertised name on your local mesh network.


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