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RPI not getting IP from GL-USB150

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RPI not getting IP from GL-USB150

On two different RPIs (Raspberry Pis), I have the problem of connecting the GL-USB150 Microrouter directly to the RPI and the RPI not receiving an IP address.

Both RPIs are model 3.  The GL-USB150 is using the latest Nightly (1022-412a1e5).

One OS is a current PiAware image (Raspbian Stretch) and the other is just Raspbian Stretch.

  • On the Raspbian Stretch system I SSHed into the GL-USB150, did a reboot then the RPI picked up an IP (SUCCESS).
  • On the PiAware system I tried that same GL-USB150 and it did not fix the problem.  I tried multiple times and still no IP.  I ran a port scanner against that 10.x.x.x/29 network to ensure I was not missing anything and also checked for DHCP Leases in the GL-USB150 and had NO SUCCESS.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this and is there a fix?

I have tried the GL-USB150 device on a Windows 7 laptop before and the laptop received a 10.x.x.x. IP address right away.  It seems I may need to add a tweak to my two RPIs....

Thanks, Mike ab4yy

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How are you connected?

How are the RasPi computers connected to the USB150?  Plugged into the USB on the Pi or something else?

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Yep, plugged into the Raspberry Pi's USB port

The USB to Ethernet chip on the GL-USB150 (whose driver is on almost every distro of any Raspberry Pi OS) will make it appear as if another Ethernet connection exists on the network manager, or you may have to manually bring it up if you have disabled your network manager.

-Damon K9CQB



You had the key regarding 'network manager'.  I did get the problem resolved.  What I ended up looking into was a CLI (command line interface) way to tweak network settings since I am ssh-ing into the RPIs and also the PiAware (Raspbian OS) has no desktop.  But finding simple steps for setting up the CLI network manager have been impossible for me to find and I've been down that path before for other unrelated issues.  Nevertheless I still checked a bunch of links and tried various things but felt I was creating a mess.

One of my USB ports has another micro-SD and before I did anything with the network 'stuff' I did a backup (sudo rpi-clone sda) to ensure I always had an unmodified (and bootable!) version my my PiAware image.  All I do is swap the two SDs and I am back to the original without any buggered up changes.  :)

So here's what made or makes it work at least here with my PiAware:

  • Step one: sudo apt-get install network-manager
  • Step two: reboot (Actually I don't remember for sure if even the reboot is required.)

That's it!  It doesn't make sense as 'network-manager' is supposed to not manage anything (by default) until it is configured.

Now I can deploy the PiAware RPI without being ethernet connected.  My received aircraft data is now available on the local mesh.  (Users still need an Internet connected computer to get the maps and other information.)  This can be of use if I am trying different ADS-B antenna locations around the QTH here.

Thanks again for the pointer Damon.
73 - Mike ab4yy

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