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Router Broadcast

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Router Broadcast

Can the AREDN routers broadcast messages (datagrams)? We are setting up a chat that can use broadcasting to connect to users behind a router. I am a complete novice at networking so am not familiar with how to set this up, if I can, on the AREDN routers. There are ways around this but broadcast seems to be the simplest way to go.

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broadcasts don't propagate

broadcasts don't propagate past or through a node.  If this were to occur, a given link with 10 nodes sharing the channel, could suddenly turn into transmitting traffic from 10s to 100s of nodes across the mesh, with circular loop issues to address, and more.     Broadcasts would be of concern reducing performance if propagated.   Broadcasts on 802.11n over the RF have to go at lowest common denominator, or 6Mbps, consuming proportionally more of the RF channel time.


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