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Roof mount tripod for sloped roof

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Roof mount tripod for sloped roof

Has anyone used a Mikrotik mANT30 PA 2ft dish or equivalent with either the Easy-UP SV-3, SV-5, or maybe even a DishNetwork/DirectTV dish mount on a sloped roof?

Here's a pic of the Easy-UP SV-5:

There's a little section of my roof that has clear line of sight between trees to the site I'm trying to access, but it is on the sloped portion.

The Easy-UP SV-3 and SV-5 both have a 1.25" diameter mast, which I'm not sure is enough to keep the dish azimuth from wobbling in the wind.  The DishNetwork/DirectTV dish mount seem to have a thicker pipe, but I'm not sure if it's quite long enough on the straight section or if they typically have mounting tabs or other things permanently attached that would make mounting the mANT30 difficult.

Just curious if anyone has been there and done that before I reluctantly mount something like that to my roof.

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