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Rocket self-contradictory

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Rocket self-contradictory

I have a rocket M2 XM on my tower.  When I went to update the firmware, a line appeared that said:
hardware type ubnt (nanostation-m
This is clearly wrong, and the free memory of 46284KB confirms it is not a nanostation.
It would not accept a rocket update.
It did accept a nanostation update to, and it seems to work.

I tried other updates, including another to
They all fail and say: 
Firmware cannot be updated
Upload file is not recognized
Failed to restart all services
Please reboot this node

It reboots normally.

How can I fix this?


Firmware cannot 

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The images between the

The images between the various Ubiquiti models are often interchangeable.  

From Openwrt site:
The bullet-m image is the base of the airmax series.
The rocket-m image is the bullet-m with an additional usb driver.
The nano-m image is the bullet-m with an additional ethernet.
The NanoBridge-m works fine with bullet-m r30919

This may be a little out dated, however.

To get the intended image loaded would mean a command line "sysupgrade" with the -f (or was that the -F) option to force the load. alternatively, do a tftp process.


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