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Rocket M900

Hello All,


First off let me start by saying im very new to this mesh network thing and do not really know all of the terms and lingo, So if you provide a answer to me please try to explain in a simplified format please.


Second, I have read thru this entire forum and FAQ's and can not seem to be able to exactly find the answers to my questions so here goes.


I wanted to set up a data link between 2 homes that I own about 2 miles apart, both homes are single story and both antennas were about 15 feet above the highest peek.  I'm purchased new the Rocket M900 and matching quad looking antenna. Its my understanding that they come in at about 650 Mw.


When installed and using the supplied software I could get the 2 M900's to see each other and establish a IP or mac address or whatever its called ( i don't really know ) address, I could not get the signal strength high enough to actually make a connection.


So I have been asking around and searching the net for info and came across this ham mesh thing, one person told me if I was a ham operator, which I am, that I could re flash the M900 with some different software and shift the freq up or down a bit into the ham band and run more power ( legally ) and get the data link to work.


So my question is will this work for me, will I still be able to use the software provided by manufacture to see the band im in and chooses the quitest  freq?

and if so how do I go about this exactly.


Now with your answer, I am going to have about a kilzillion more questions, I would like to give my phone number for those of you that are brave enough to call


Thanks for the help




anytime is good with me



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Hi Rick,

Hi Rick,

The M900 devices don't have any HAM (Part97) only channels.  Your friend was talking about 2.4Ghz, 3Ghz, and 5Ghz devices with the AREDN firmware.

One quick way to model what your setup may be able to do, is to use the Ubiquiti AirLink software (Free).  You can place pins on a map where your two devices will be located, select the proper model (Rocket M900) and get an estimate on signal strength/quality.

The primary purpose of the AREDN firmware is to support emergency communications during disasters and other times of need.

Good luck Rick!


Thanks, Darryl - K5DLQ


Thanks Darryl,

Thanks Darryl,


so in your opinion would I better off moving to higher Mhz, and if so do you think it would work ? if the rocket m900 is just barley making it ?



The first thing you should do

The first thing you should do is make sure you have clear line of sight between the two points. There honestly I sn't enough data in your post for anyone to suggest a band change or not.

Unlike 2m/440 LOS is essentially a mandatory requirement due to the high attenuation of obstructions at these frequencies.  If you don't have LOS the odds are against you and some height may be better.

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And the ZONE!

The fresnel zone for 900 MHz is huge. You can't pop one of these radios on a 10' pole and get good results 2 miles away. You've got to do the math (or use the tool) and clear the path. Yes, 900 will go through some obstructions....but not many.

After my follies on 900 MHz (documented here in the forums) I am not a fan of the band. Go to 2.4, 3, or 5 and find some ham only channels. Much better.




thanks very much, that's what I needed to hear

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