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Rocket M9

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Rocket M9

We have few 900 MHZ nodes in our network, and I decided to update the main sector antenna rocket with the latest daily build. I selected Rocket M XM from the software selector since it was not the other 2 selections.  It came up with the firmware updating window, and that's the last I have been able to get from it.  Now there is no response from the node. I tried all the items to get it working including loading the factory firmware via TFTP.  I can ping the node at, but the factory upload fails with no response.
      I'd like to re-install the old firmware which is from 2019 to see if I can get this node back on the air.  The problem is I don't know what firmware file to use from the archive.  There used to be a matrix to tell you what file to use but I can't find it.   It's a shame as it was working fine, and is a classic case of if it's not broke don't fix it. I'm guessing it's the file named "aredn-" but can someone confirm this.  
Glenn WA3LAB

I am able to load the factory  file for 20231018 via TFTP.  The LEDs go through a series of flash cycles, and finally settle with the first LED on and the rightmost LED slowly flashing  for about 30 seconds, then it goes out.  Node stays like this and it cannot be contacted through the Ethernet or RF.  I cannot load any older versions of factory firmware.

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