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Rocket M5ac

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Rocket M5ac
Has there been any testing for compatibility with the Rocket M5 ac? 
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none of the AC models are
none of the AC models are supported.
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Can we get that added as a
Can we get that added as a statement or as individual device lines to the supported platform matrix?
I think adding every device
I think adding every device we don't support will get pretty cumbersome and complicate the chart, it's a supported devices chart (along with those devices were testing and working on) 

By default being not listed means it is not supported.
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Ok, then maybe remove the red
Ok, then maybe remove the red devices from the list? The Powerbeams are in the same category as other non-listed devices, in that you're waiting for OpenWRT to support them?
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Ubiquiti AirMax line
The difference is the devices listed represent the entire Ubiquiti AirMax line of products.
Conrad and Daryl
if you are interested in playing with an AC device, I have a rocket m5 I would send as a lab rat.
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AirMaxAC line
The Ubiquiti AirMaxAC line is "Proprietary ASIC powering AirMax AC protocol".     I don't think there are any opensource options available for this product line.  A quick google on OpenWRT and DD-WRT sites don't show anything...  

Makes sense
Thank you. If anything should change let me know and I will get you the rocket to play with.
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Is there any update on this?
I'm wondering if there is any update on this. If I'm reading the OpenWRT page correctly they support it now.

Have a great day. :)
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Rocket M5 ac?
OpenWRT support for this device uses release 21.02.1, AREDN is using 19.07.8 (?)
Package architecture: mipsel_74kc .vs. AREDN mips_24kc
WLAN Hardware: QCA988x .vs. AREDN Atheros AR9342

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Yes, there is work occurring
Yes, there is work occurring to support AC devices.  The early candidates incllude AC models supported by OpenWrt.     The proprietary Ubiquiti components ended up being in the firmware, and not hardware for many of these devices.    Consequently, opensource drivers became available.     Per the news post on the main page, there is a branch of development to:

Resync with OpenWRT
Then the code base will be updated to OpenWRT 21.02.1.  Besides code enhancements and security fixes, it brings in:
  • Multiple interfaces
  • New interface definitions
  • API updates (Lua)
  • 802.11AC device drivers

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