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Rocket M5 unable to ping in TFTP mode

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Rocket M5 unable to ping in TFTP mode

My PC is set to with default subnet mask. The PC Is directly connected to the LAN port on the POE. With the Rocket M5 booted up normally I can log into the AirOS using the IP address A verified established connection is achievable with consistency.

Following the procedure of putting the Rocket M5 into TFTP mode and verifying the expected LED transitions I cannot ping the Rocket. I've turned off the Norton360 firewall and Anitvirus  sortfware as well as Windows Defender. 

I'm unable to get past this point to begin uploading the FW onto the Rocket M5. What are some suggested additional troubleshooting steps I can try?

The Rocket M5 is v6.1.6 XM build 32290

Thanks, Dan.

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I cannot ping the Rocket.

Put the device into TFTP mode, then set the static address on the computer, then attempt a PING.

Else, sometimes, when the computer loses an active ethernet connection
(like when you are putting the device into TFTP mode)
the computer loses the static address assignment.

I hope this helps,


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several efforts were made
I followed your suggested method several times to no avail. The connectivity LED on the Rocket indicates an Ethernet connection has been established however, there are no signs of link activity. When not in TFTP mode I can log into the unit just just fine
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Rocket M5 unable to ping in TFTP mode
Hi, Dan:
A PING test is not part of the Ubiquiti install procedure.
There is a PING test in the Mikrotik procedure immediately before the 'sysupgrade'.
Perhaps the Ubiquiti devices do not respond to PINGs in TFTP mode.
73, Chuck

Ubiquiti TFTP mode

I have been able to ping my Ubiquiti nodes when they are in TFTP/firmware recovery mode.  They should respond to  If not, then the Ubiquiti device isn't actually talking to the LAN segment.  This is an issue that afflicts a smaller percentage of devices.  It was suggested to me to put a network switch between my computer and the PoE injector.  This seems to help sometimes, but other times, I just have to go do something else and come back and try again. 

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figured it out

I used a Ubiquiti ToughSwitch and connected the node that i wanted to flash on port 2 and my PC to port 1. I changed the default IP on the ToughSwitch to be different than that of the Rocket M5. Once I had established a connection to the node through the switch I started a ping to monitor connectivity.

I then put the Rocket into TFTP mode. Verifying that pings were continuously and consistently present from the node I started the TFTP transfer. The transfer successfully upgraded the RocketM5 with the AREDN firmware.

Starting from scratch with little knowledge about these devices and uploading firmware to them it took me about 16 hours to finally have a working product!

1 down, 2 more to go.

Thanks all for the comments and suggestions.

73 -Dan, AC9JA

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