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Rocket M5 Titanium not working

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Rocket M5 Titanium not working

I have two Rocket M5 Titanium which I was able to load the AREDN firmware. I configured them and unplugged them. Now I'm unable to access them again to change the configuration.

Any idea on how to access them again?

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Did you do both steps of the

Did you do all the steps of the firmware load?  From your description it sounds like you only did part of it.
<edited out incorrect step that is used with Mikrotik devices>


I did follow all the steps.

I did follow all the steps. It did two exactly alike, the first is working. It is like the firmware did not save to ROM memory.

Can you do a reset and reinstall the firmware?

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Reset methods

From the AREDN docs:

The Ubiquiti reset button’s function is based on how long it’s depressed when the node is already powered-on:

Hold for 5 seconds for a password reset and DHCP server enable/start/restart
Hold for 15 seconds and the node will return to “just-flashed” condition

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KK4AVI,  I'd troubleshoot

KK4AVI,  I'd troubleshoot this by taking a known good working AREDN node.   Configure the Titnium by going through the setup the first time, so it will be configured for an RF link with the known good node.     Once you power cycle the Titnium, then try to access it hopping through the known working node over the mesh RF link, or also via the dtdlink link with a cat5 between them (and a switch would be needed to have a 3rd device, or laptop).   These are very high level steps, not sure how much you've been playing with AREDN devices or networking in general to fill in the details to give these steps a try? 

I'm guessing there may be a physical port config error, but maybe RF or dtdlink is working and LAN is not. 


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