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Rocket M5 TI

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Rocket M5 TI
Anyone have any experience with these weird boxes?   I'm trying to load one via tftp, and it's not clear which package is needed.    The Model Number is M5T, and it has an SMA connector for a GPS antenna

I've tried these images, with these results:

aredn-702-20d73ea-ath79-generic-ubnt_rocket-m-squashfs-factory.bin  -- NO  - Firmware Check failed
aredn-702-20d73ea-ar71xx-generic-ubnt-rocket-m-ti-squashfs-factory.bin  -- NO  -Firmware Check failed
aredn-702-20d73ea-ar71xx-generic-ubnt-rocket-m-xw-squashfs-factory.bin  -- loaded but the radio came up claiming it was configured for 2 GHz

While I was in there, I checked localnode:8080.cgi-bin/sysinfo, and the hardware says it's a Rocket XW.

Any suggestions for making this puppy work?


Orv W6BI


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