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Rocket M2 XM does not support M2 XM firmware version

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Rocket M2 XM does not support M2 XM firmware version

I have 3 Rockets built in 2010. They have a USB device on the bottom along with the LAN/POE and reset. What I have found is that it uses the ar71 and not the ar79 inside and so I ended up using the Bullet M2 firmware. I was wondering if anyone familiar with the firmware has a suggestion on a better firmware to use. The firmware loaded does appear to be working and I have connected them together and the one outdoors is connecting to a number of other nodes in the area. I would be interested in hearing any suggestions people might have. 

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the older rockets with the
the older rockets with the USB port does have a slightly different hardware than newrt rockets.   As we convert to the new ath79 target, which incorporates a newer version of the linux kernel, these images do not necessarily support all flavors of a device.   The ath79 images are targeted for very specific hardware Revs and there has been some debate in the openwrt community if an image should support more than one flavor of the various hardware revisions that exist.  As I recall, there is another forum post on this older Rocket USB hardware, that did come to the conclusion to use one of the ar71xx targeted images to get working.  Not sure if that is the bullet or a special build rocket XM ar71xx.    If the bullet ar71xx image is working then this solves the problem and we don't need to do anything further.  

Note, the hardware is not per say ar71xx or ath79.  Rather, these are just different versions of the linux kernel that describes the hardware differently.  in ar71xx, the hardware is described in 'C' language.  In ath79, the hardware is described by a config file, called the device tree.  The newer linux kernels only need a device tree config file that describes the hardware, and no longer needs to be re-compiled and a new image created for a change in the hardware.

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Check on Mar 26, 2021 for the
Check on Mar 26, 2021 for the Rocket XM ar71xx target image to be in the nightly build.  
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Would this be at all related

Would this be at all related to an issue I had with a problematic (non-USB) XM Rocket M2 which gave me errors like:
Configuration Not Saved
"Parameter MAC2 in file '___setup.default' does not exist"
,,, which always went silent on the LAN port but would sometimes show up on WiFi as "Mesh2G".

After multple attempts to flail around, I gave up and threw it into a drawer due to loss of blood as a result on banging my head on the wall for too long.

Any ideas? (Scar has almost healed).

- Don - AA7AU

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