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Rocket M2 GPS Use in AREDN

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Rocket M2 GPS Use in AREDN

I acquired an old (2011 or so) UBNT Rocket M2 GPS radio.  I could see its Node Status screen, but could not access Setup (I did not have the password).  The radio acted like it was working in the WiFi band (I could see my local WiFi and others on channels 1, 6, and 11).  I was not successful in restoring factory defaults.  I forced the radio to a state where I could TFTP to it, and appeared to load it successfully with XM V.5.5.11.  When I first logged in, the country list had many countries, not just the three that show in the new radios.   Then I loaded it with AREDN using the normal process.  I was able to change the node name and password, but the frequency list is RFs, not channel numbers, and there is no RF below 2412 MHz, although WiFi Scan shows my mesh radio on Channel -2 as a "Foreign Ad-hoc Network."   Can this old radio be saved?  And what do I do now?  

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The Rocket M2 GPS model is

The Rocket M2 GPS model is not fully supported (indicated by the channel list showing "frequencies" instead of "channel numbers".  If you will attach a supportdata file from the node to this thread (using the "Support File Attachments section below), that is need for consideration.
On the Administration page, at the bottom, just click Download Support Data.

Rocket M2 GPS Supportdata

The supportdata file is attached.  I pulled it this morning.  

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Can you also post the

Can you also post the contents of the file with AirOS 5.5 loaded?

  1. You will need to re-load AirOS 5.5 back onto the device.
  2. Set your PC's network interface card to a static IP address like:
  3. Put the node into TFTP mode (ie. power off, hold reset while powering on, keep holding until the lights begin an alternating flash: 1-3, 2-4, 1-3, etc.) (About 30 seconds), then, release the reset button.
  4. TFTP the AirOS file in binary mode to the device (check the Downloads page for a link to the AirOS file(s)).
  5. Telnet or Putty into the node (default user is ubnt; password ubnt; default ip
  6. Run "cat /etc/"
  7. Copy-and-paste the output and post it in response to this post.
Investigation of Rocket M2 GPS

I'll load XM 5.5.11. ... .bin, which is what I did before.  I'll check for a new one.  
I just used Chrome to get into the node.  Does that cause problems?  
When you say "Run "cat /...", is that a command-line thing in the PC I have attached to the radio, or is it something I run in the radio? 
Sorry that I'm not 100% with you yet. 
Thanks for the help! 

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yes, the "run cat...."

yes, the "run cat...." command would be done after:

using Putty to SSH into the node at (which brings up a command prompt)
at the prompt, type:   cat /etc/
This wil output some text to the screen which you can copy & paste into the thread (or a file for that matter).

Moving Slowly

Darryl - I struggled for an hour and did not get my Vista laptop to install PuTTY.  Got it into a Win7 desk top in under five minutes.  I had to do other things, so did not get the sourceinfo file today.  The radio is ready for TFTP (signal lights blinking), and I have everything to load it in the laptop.  Will use the desktop to get the infosource file. Sorry I am so slow. 

Rocket_M2_GPS Data

Issues with network connections in Win Vista laptop and Win 7 desktop have been enough to convert me to Linux.  Here is the text on the PuTTY screen of the file from the Rocket_M2_GPS that will not accept RFs in the amateur band.  

login as: ubnt
ubnt@'s password:
BusyBox v1.11.2 (2015-07-23 13:41:06 EEST) built-in shell (ash)
Enter 'help' for a list of built-in commands.
XM.v5.5.11# cat /etc/
board.cpurevision=0x00000101 M2

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