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Rocket M2 and Nanostation M2 not working after flash

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Rocket M2 and Nanostation M2 not working after flash
First sorry for my bad English..

To get things going in the Netherlands we tried to setup some Aredn nodes with not much success.

- Ubiquiti Rocket M2 XW with AirOS working just fine.
- Ubiquiti Nanostation M2 Loco XM with AirOS also working fine.

Watched several youtube video's and documentation but I can't access both units after flashing with FW (or any other version). Flashing of the Rocket goes well and all seems to be okay, all led's that should light up do so. Flashing of the Nanostation doesn't go well, after flashing no LAN led and one red led. 
Neither units are accessable after flashing and DHCP doesn't work.

Tried differend computers and different TFTP clients to flash, no succes.
I think I'm doing something horribly wrong but can't find out what. Should I first install older AirOS versions to get things going?

Werner PA3GYV
Mine may be bricked, too..

I am having about the same problem. I just purchased a brand new rocket M2 on Amazon. When it got here today, I set it up and connected to AirOS to look at the firmware on it (XW 6..2). I determined it is an XW model, and proceeded to flash with AREDN.

I flashed from:
Using TFTP from windows computer:
tftp -i 192.168.1.put aredn-

Watched the lights on the rocket, the network light flashes as the transfer happens, then the 1,2,3,4 lights flash in a back and forth sequence as the flash happens. The rocket appears to reboot, then comes up with power, link, on and light 4 flashing (normal for loading AREDN).
Looks so far so good.. But then the #4 light stays on solid, and the ethernet port appears now to be "broken". It does not respond to ping at or

Put back in TFTP mode so lights are flashing 1-3, 2-4, alternating again.. It doesn't respond on or so I cannot attempt to re-flash.

Looks like my rocket is "bricked" at this point. I am hoping someone here has more experience than me and can help me to recover from this.

Well it appears more people
Well it appears more people have the same problem. As you describe, same problem here. Yesterday, after several tries I was able to flash AirOS again on the Nanostation Loco M2. So all my devices are back on AirOS again, back at begin point one..

In you're case I would try to power the unit down and put it in tftp mode again. It should be acceptable via Then flash AirOS again so you have a working unit. 

If there is no solution I let Aredn go and build my own network with AirOS, after all, that works solid. 
I've been given a pile of

I've been given a pile of NSM5XM and NSM5XW to flash to use for demonstrations and tests. 

The current version firmware install never gets past the flashing lights, the command prompt tells me the file transfer failed and the device remains on ... at least I can get back into the factory stuff.

I figured I'd try to put on but I cannot find it in the list of older firmware.  There is a generic file that seems to be from the correct date, but when I click the link I get some weird message about download settings ... strange.

Is there any way to get direct links to the older firmware?


Is the the holy

Is the the holy grail? I've tried all the other fw versions (the officials) with no success. Or the node starts up with the fourth led green or the node starts up with the first led red and the last one green. In all cases the node is not accessible or dhcp. It's really frustrating that I can't find out the problem, all is done by the manual..

But if the should work (and is available somewhere) I considering a last try. 

Older releases are here: Once you get "something" running, please try to upgrade to I have many NS M5's running it no problem. Start with the XW's.
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and here is the LAST 3.22.12
and here is the LAST downloads page...
Thank you!
Thank you for that link to the repository of older versions, it's crucial to have available and I could not find it.

Especially when some of the instructions for going to include language like "first upgrade to or downgrade to before applying" ... if the files aren't easily found this creates a problem ...

No version of the firmware is or could be "The Holy Grail".  The advantages of keeping things current is clear, but not always possible in short time frames.  I like the new software selection tool ... except when it doesn't have the option I need right now.

Okay Ed, let me know if the
Okay Ed, let me know if the .22 version works with you're equipment. 
All good for now
The link to the pages was helpful, as I was able to flash several devices.  I understand why these pages were unlinked, but keeping old versions available is important.  I'd suggest making the two links provided to me in this thread visible on the main software page again, with headers explaining that their usage should be limited to the cases we've been discussing so folks don't have to hunt for and ask for old versions.

This reminds me of PC software slowly not being supported, and the older hardware being phased out.  I'm sure it's a headache trying to keep things downwards compatible but it's hard to just replace hundreds of nodes.  Somehow this will all get sorted out and we'll move forward.

Thanks again everyone here,
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Previous Stable Firmware
There is a now a new menu link in the Navigation box in the right-hand column to Previous Stable Firmware. 
Here are the instructions for

Here are the instructions for downgrading firmware releases on your node.  The older firmware is always available through the AREDN website.

AD7OV works on bullet

I was able to flash the firmware onto the bullet that I was having trouble with, after flashing it boots up and the first (red) and last (green) LEDS stay lit, but the node responds at I set the node up and let it reboot again, got a DHCP address from it, and got it to talk to my other node across the room. So far all is good.

I then went to upgrade the firmware from within the AREDN software, downloaded the current firmware for sysupgrade, and went onto the bullet node to tell it to upgrade the firmware. I got the screen that said it would upgrade in the background, and then the node rebooted twice. After second reboot, everything is stable on the bullet (lights not flashing, waited like 10 minutes) it has still not given an IP address to the PC via DHCP.

It looks like something changed in the most recent version that causes it not to work. I did have the presence of mind to get a support data dump while it was on, and have attached that here, hoping someone can see what is going on here. (I changed the .gz to .tgz so the upload would work).

Support File Attachments: 
Got the rocket to come back

Got the rocket to come back at again after rebooting it this morning to TFTP mode, and immediately sent it the aredn- file. (There were two that list Rocket XW, but this one had a "test date after xxx" listed for the loco that it also supported, and the test date on my rocket box is well after that date (1/27/21) so I went with a hunch and tried this one).

The rocket is now up and running on as well. Here is a dump from the rocket, so hopefully people smarter than me can figure out why the newest firmware did not work on it and let me know what path to proceed from here.

Support File Attachments: 
If that .22 version works I
If that .22 version works I would not update any further until there is a FW that does function. Didn't look at the release info but guess the difference can't be that big. 
Yes, the file that  AD7OV

Yes, the file that  AD7OV mentioned is the one to use.  It agrees with the old selector matrix.   I believe the new software selector may be giving out the wrong file.  I could be wrong.  Stay away from the FACTORY file for sure. I can repeatedly break my spare rocket 2M XW with it.  The UPGRADE appears to work on some nodes.  I'm sticking with for now.

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So you should see an explicit

So you should see an explicit nightly build for the Rocket M2 XW tomorrow (or possibly the day after) which should fix that device. You should be able to flash this factory build using the usual "alternative blinky light" tftp method.

I flashed the Rocket M2 XW
I flashed the Rocket M2 XW with aredn- and can confirm it works. I keep it this way and do not perform an update to the latest version
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Unfortunately I do not have

Unfortunately I do not have an Nanostation M2 Loco XM and I'm not sure how to source one (eBay listing as not reliable for a specific hardware version).

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We have a working build for

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