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Rocket M with USB

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Rocket M with USB

Hi folks
I have been running this as a gateway client for about 9 months on ver 3.19. This is a AR71xx device
I decided to upgrade to the latest version 3.21.4
When I wen to refresh the formware from the drop down it brought in the 3.21.4 versions and I clicked to install the upgrade. I should have read the drop down correctly as it brought in the ATH79 version. Of course this totally hung the device.
I put it back to factory default and installed 3.21.4 factory but got an invalid hardware check on the TFTP loader. I loaded 3.19 factory ok and then did a manual upgrade to 3.21.4 which works great
I have checked again the firmware that is available on the dropdown and it is still for the ATH79 firmware as before. Screenshoot attached.

Steve G4EKM

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yeah.   There is not

yeah.   There is not currently a way to distinguish between the rocket m with usb and without for the downloads list, therefore, the list will always show the ath79 architecture file (as these are much more common).  You did the proper thing by uploading the ar71xx architecture file manually.

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right thing

glad for that. I have changed the node description so I remember in future.
73'a steve

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