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Rocket Fails - Kills LAN Port!

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Rocket Fails - Kills LAN Port!

AREDN FW & HW Gurus Needed!

I have encountered a really odd AREDN FW issue with a pair of Rocket M5 XM nodes.

IF I flash with _anything_ later than AREDN, then the LAN port quits!

Has anybody else encountered this type of problem? Or is there a fix?

I have carefully dug through the AREDN Forum etc and have found nothing yet...

Specifics and Background:

- FYI - I have a deployable cache of two about dozen various UBNT & MikroTik nodes, including several more Rockets (M2 XM), and lots of success (hard earned, as usual!) in upgrading and flashing FW, since 3.16 days.

- These two Rockets are both several years old, were bought used but have run fine for a year or two on previous FW versions. They are both M5 and XM. (Similar M2s do not have these problems.)

- I am using simple WindowsXP with FireFox, simple PoE injector, and simple LAN cables. No switch (dumb or smarty). This has been working perfectly for all nodes, including these two.

- I can successfully access both Rockets with TFTP and (apparently!) load almost anything, including UBNT XM factory and AREDN factory.

- The problem was originally encountered when trying to do a simple AREDN FW upgrade from NB 1138 (was working fine!) right to NB 1755.

- After rebooting, we encountered NO LAN data (PC indicated cable disconnected!) and also no LAN lite (second LED)!

- So, I started standard diagnostic procedures, including retrograde loading and testing, various FW as far back as 2.16.3, assorted NB, both AREDN factory and upgrade, even UBNT XM 5.5 & 5,6 factory, etc. (Very complex and depressing details upon request!).

- Confirmed Results: The Rockets will function correctly up to FW, BUT nothing later! --- Evidently we can discount any _HW_ failure, since the behavior is dependent on the FW version variable only. --- Also, I feel we can likely discount the more traditional causes, such as phases of the moon, sunspots, required chicken sacrifice, et al.... ;-)

Sooooo, what are the possibilities?

- Was something in the upgrade from to _changed_ to kill the LAN ports? --- Perhaps a LAN port chip _driver_ change, or error?

- Is something unique to the Rocket _M5_ XM that is _different_ from similar Rocket _M2_ XM nodes? --- I understand that they have identical main boards, with identical LAN elements, and only vary in the RF elements?

- Anybody have a better idea?

AREDN FW Guru Clues Please??

Also, one of these is bolted to my Trusty Big Stick deployable system (RocketM2 & RocketM5 on Altelix high gain dual band OMNI, plus NanoStation5 link.) But fortunately the other is loose and could be shipped for exam if needed.


Gene :) (Posting a Reply is great. AND Please feel free to buzz me directly, too?)

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Interesting, I have several

Interesting, I have several XM rockets (both 3GHz and 5GHz) that have working LAN connections that have had every release since (I think it was) most of the nightly builds since.

Still need clues...

Yep, these two are just odd! I have not tried the latest NB, since it seemed to be a consistent failure with every version since I hope somebody has an idea or potential solution. I can try to obtain diagnostic files etc. Or might even ship one for testing. Thanks! Gene :)

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N3EV,  please load the

N3EV,  please load the current AREDN firmware, ether nightly build or, then when the node is in firstboot state (don't keep settings) access the device via a wifi SSID that will be visibile.    Capture the support data download, link at the bottom of the Administration page.    Upload here to inspect and hopefully give more clues.  In case you've not gone this path already, complete the configuration over wifi, then reboot to see if symptoms still exist.  Can access over mesh RF to capture a 2nd support data file, but unlikely to tell us much more. 


No Luck Access via WiFi

Hi, Joe!

Rocket had v3.19.3.0 running OK. JIC I extracted the Admin Diagnostic data, _before_ flashing.

Used Admin page to upgrade to NB 1795 sysupgrade. Looked OK.

As usual, the LAN port connectivity died, BUT found the AREDN-20-v3 on WiFi ch 165!

Set my PC for, and WiFi for Ad Hoc NW, open authentication, and was able to connect.

Expected to see Rocket FirstBoot at, BUT no luck. Pings and scans of 192.168.1.xx failed to find anything except my .22.

And then connection times out and quits.

Also tried TFTP with NB 1795 factory. Same performance. Still fails to find at all via WiFi.

Obviously can't extract another Admin Diag file from NB 1795 version, or setup and access over mesh.

Somehow, I just can't connect via WiFi under FirstBoot.

Am I missing a key step?

Anyway, JIC, that extract while running is attached.

Clues appreciated!

Gene :)

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If you found an SSID "AREDN-20-v3" on ch 165,  it is not in firstboot state.  If you see this SSID, while it is booted, hold the reset button for 15 seconds, wait for the reboot.

When the device is in firstboot state, connect to the SSID (I forget, something like mesh5g) with all default network settings on the laptop.  This is a standard AP, and best for your device to receive via DHCP an IP address and not be statically defined. 


No Luck 2...

OK, was suspicious too, and tracked that AREDN-20-v3 to a nearby stray 5GHz node. And shut it down.

Back to the wayward Rocket, I TFTPed it back to NB 1796 and as before, the LAN port quit, and it broadcast Nothing on any channel. No SSID anywhere. And tried setting my PC WiFi to mesh5g JIC, and no luck either.

So, I tried pushing the reset button as noted. Looked like some reboots...

Kept coming up with No Wifi. Never presented the hoped for mesh5g or close. Was both refreshing my PC WiFi card for SSIDs, plus scanning the RF with WiFi Analyzer on my smarty phone (6 inches away, no signals!).

The standard AP, and any WiFi at all, just doesn't pop up at all...

Any more clues, Please?

Gene N3EV

More Tests...

After above tries with NB 1796 and failed, I tried going back to, which is last working FW.

Yep, during FirstBoot, I detected the Mystery Missing Signal! The actual SSID is MeshNode5G, and it popped up on Ch 36 or 5180 MHz on WiFi Analyzer.

And I was able to link in WiFi with PC set for DHCP, and the FirstBoot was at as expected.

So Yes, the HW is working OK, up to And both LAN and WiFi quit in later versions.

Clues? Ideas? UPS shipping address?

Of course, I suppose I could just leave both of them at, but hate to miss out on whatever wonderful things are forthcoming!


Gene :) N3EV

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Gene,   The next step, and

Gene,   The next step, and maybe you are up for this before shipping, is to put a terminal on the serial console -- pop the hood -- to see what is going on.  Contact me separately at callsign @ arrl dot net to pursue the UPS route.  I'm not currently at my primary qth listed in QRZ, so need to exchange a different address.  


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