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Rocket 5AC Lite Stuck on NOCALL setup page

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Rocket 5AC Lite Stuck on NOCALL setup page

Have flashed the Factory image as per the Ubiquiti first flash set up and currently will not go past the NOCALL page (initial setup - change node name/password).

I can log in to the admin setup page and change the Node Name and Password but when it reboots, it goes back to the NOCALL page as if nothing was saved. I have tried everything that I can think of.. Changing from static to DHCP, unplugging the node, soft reseting the node, clearing browser cache, trying different browsers. 

Current Version:      Hardware Type: (ath79/generic) ubnt (rocket-5ac-lite)

Any suggestions?

Saving Changes

This may be crazy, but I was trying to upgrade a NanoStation M2 XM to, and I could not make new bandwidth and lat/long entries stay through the reboot.  May have nothing to do with your issue, but did you click the Save Changes button before rebooting?  It is at the opposite end of the Basic Setup header from Reboot.  Once I did that, the changes stuck.


Yes I have been pressing the

Yes I have been pressing the Save Changes button after simply entering my C/S-device (VE7KOD-Rocket5AC) and a new password. 

I've tried clearing my browser cache (Edge and Chrome), I've gone back to Ubiquiti firmware 8.7.0 and re-installed AREDN two more times from scratch. 
Still stuck on the NOCALL page. 

Thanks for your reply!


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Try un-checking the keep
Try un-checking the keep settings on the admin page and upload the firmware again. That worked for me.

I tried that after a fresh
I tried that after a fresh install on AREDN from Ubiquiti firmware today. I tried the AREDN factory image which told me the image wasn't correct (IIRC). Then tried the upgrade image and it gave me a 'Bad Gateway - The process did not produce any response' error and no will no longer allow me to load the NOCALL first page.
And still the node is still at the address.

Back to airOS for now - and
Back to airOS for now - and just to prove/confirm the model number and airOS version I'm starting on.

Decided to make a video and
Decided to make a video and up it to YouTube in hopes to see if anyone else can see where I'm going wrong. 
This starts from downloading the AREDN firmware to flashing it on a device from AirOS 8.7.0

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