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RF Elements SH-TP-5-30

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RF Elements SH-TP-5-30

 I'm deploying some of these in a commercial environment, I'll report on performance once I have a chance for some testing they are an alternative to sectors for the 5ghz rocket.

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cool.  so they do have an

cool.  so they do have an adapter for the rocket.  That was my question.

 Yes there is a TwistPort
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I was curious about the connection method too

taken from the rf elements website, one picture explains it all

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First off I want to say this

First off I want to say this is by no means intended to be a post against these, every antenna has advantages and disadvantages and these can flip based on the service need (PtP wide angle is a bad thing but in PtMP its a good thing  for example)

I will be curious how they perform.

A couple key aspects I am curious about at first glance are:

Does the reduced sidelobes make up for the difference in antenna gain (when compared to a traditional sector of same beamwidth) by cutting out noise and other signals (this is especially relevent on the 90 degree version which has 9db less gain than some traditional sectors I utilize)

How effectivily isolated are they on the same tower.

How effective are they for coverage area.  The "Symetricial Beampath" is probably great for some areas, but for some areas not so much. I have a couple of sites where 21 degree beamwidth on the veritcial is about 14 degrees too much. I'll be curious how many people actually have that need for coverage area (I'm guessing there is some market for it at least in the WISP world since its being made, I am just having trouble visualizing it other than needing to cover very very close in on an antenna site that might be hundreds of feet taller than the surrounding access devices)

These honestly much more remind me of a PATCH antenna coverage area compared to a sector antenna but with much better lobe isolation.

Very much looking forward to hear what your results are as I had seen them pop up a while back but hadn't paid too close attention to them otherwise.

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