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Reset MIKROTIK hAP ac lite

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Reset MIKROTIK hAP ac lite

I have done something to the MIKROTIK hAP ac lite so that using a either net cable to a lan port entering localnode.local.mesh:8080 returns "localnode.local.mesh's server address could not be found." I have tried three times to reset the unit using the power off, press reset with power on.
Suggestions please.
Steve KI0KY

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You didn't say if it was configured or not.  If it's not, can you ping   You might try that even if it was configured; if it responds, it's reverted to the unconfigured state.

Orv W6BI
Orv, did the trick.  What is the correct sequence of connecting the power and pressing the reset switch for what I need to know for AREDN.  It appears there are several combinations for rebooting.
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Info here!
I knew I'd seen it in the AREDN Online docs.  It's here:

Hold for 5 seconds to reset the password and DHCP service
Hold for 15 seconds to return the node to “just-flashed” condition

I did the 15 second hold and was able to log in again. Make sure you turn on get a dhcp address automatically instead of keep a static ip.... That was my problem last week :)

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