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Required PC for Mesh Winlink

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Required PC for Mesh Winlink

What are the recommended PC characteristics to run the Winlink post office for a mesh network?
I assume it should run all the time and be on a UPS, and it should not be a weakling.  
But what speed, how much storage etc?  I know this depends on the usage, but we are just starting out
and need something to start with that is at least adequate.


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PC For MESH Winlink

I have an assortment of laptop computers running Winlink Post Office on our network. They range from a an older Dell Inspiron 8200 and an old Compaq Pentium D to newer Toshiba B5200 Series laptops. All running either Windows 7 or Windows 10. 4GB to 8GB Ram. The key is to have something that is stable. They have UPS systems behind them with big batteries to backup both the laptop and the MESH equipment. Some have about 9GB free space left on them and others have 250+ GB free. I maintain them . a few times a week, keeping up with all of the windows and application updates. I'm using Teamviewer and Google Chrome Remote Desktop to maintain them, and have been playing with NoMachine for remote access directly over the network in case the internet fails. I'm also running RMS Packet on one of the machines with a 9600 Baud Packet node on VHF. These operate independently without any problem, and that is on the old Compaq computer without any trouble. Most of the computers are 1.8 Ghz or faster processors. The key is having lots of RAM for stability. I don't recommend anything less than 4GB RAM.

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