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Replacement Model for the hAP ac lite--- hAP ac lite TC

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Replacement Model for the hAP ac lite--- hAP ac lite TC
Sounds like the hAP ac lite TC is the replacement for the hAP AC lite. One of our club members was on a call with mikrotik Canada and they told him this. Same guts but different enclosure anyone else heard this news yet?


It's just a consumer-ish rounded woo-woo case like several other models they've done lately. Internals are identical. The model # string will probably change, adding -TC to the end of it but I'd bet our firmware will work. May throw the unsupported hardware flag. MikroTik tends to keep the old stuff around a long time so I don't think the white one is going away.
NB installs without warnings

Like Ian AJ6GZ said, internals are identical.  Latest nightly build installed fine without any "untested hardware" message.  Nice to orient the case several ways, and the reset button is easier to access (at least for me).

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I think internally it is the same board, TC indicates Tower Case which is the vertical and black cabinet. I have an AC and a TC with Aredn firmware and they work exactly the same.
I hope I helped.
Thanks for the reports from the field! Ian
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Same as hAP. I've had 4 of these flashed as AREDN hAP for 2 yrs.
Actually, (pushes glasses further up on his nose) this isn't the same as a hAP-ac-lite, it is a hAP-ac-lite. They just threw it in a different plastic case and added "-TC" to it's marketing title. They aren't replacing the regular white hAP-ac-lite, just adding diversity to it's line-up.
Two years ago I just started flashing the regular AREDN 'ar71xx-mikrotik-rb-nor-flash-16M-ac' image onto these devices and they work fine. Ignore the different appearance.
-Damon K9CQB
Members in our area are using
Members in our area are using it now and its working fine! Thanks for all in info and reports!

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