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Remove and move nodes on MAP?

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Remove and move nodes on MAP?

How does one remove and/or move nodes on the AREDN website map?

Thanks in advance.

Hank K1DOS/CP (Node K1DOS-CP-1)

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The best way to remove a node

The best way to remove a node from the map is to clear LAT/LON info on the node, then re-SUBMIT the data via your node.
The slower way is to email me directly at my callsign @ with the name of the node(s).

K5DLQ, Darryl


I have one NODE on the AREDN Map and have tried to send data for another NODE in the same city but once I send data I receive "map data updated" but later checking the NODE does not show. I have waited days and it still does not show. I have tried resending data and still no joy! Please advise what I am doing wrong. I am using the same procedure I used for the original node.
Thanks es 73 Kirby

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what's the node name?  I'll

UPDATE: I think I found the issue.  Take another look now on the map.  (my guess is this node was a Mikrotik LHG model?)

what's the node name?  I'll check it out.

node name

The node name is KL7VK - NSM2-CPCD. The radio is a nano 2.4 ghz


should be NSM2-CP-PD Located in Central Point, OR police station.


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MAP Server updates

 Try moving the coordinates by around 100 on the right end of the figures and republish.  If it came from it may actually be sitting "under" the existing "old" position.  What firmware is it on now and did you recently upgrade?

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