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Remote Mgmt of Switch and Vlan Configuration SOLVED

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Remote Mgmt of Switch and Vlan Configuration SOLVED

I'm looking for validation that the following switch configuration would allow for remote management of the TS-5-POE. In this configuration the switch would have a DHCP reservation and NAT/firewall rule setup on Mesh Node 1.

Port                         1    2   3    4   5
Vlan 1 (MGMT)       U   E   E   E   U
Vlan 2 (DTD)           T    T   T   T   E

Port 1: Mesh Node 1 (120 degreee sector 3430 10Mhz)
Port 2: Mesh Node 2 (120 degreee sector 3445 10Mhz)
Port 3: Mesh Node 3 (120 degreee sector 3460 10Mhz)
Port 4: Mesh Node 4 (P2P Backhaul 3385 20Mhz)
Port 5: Local management when on location

I mocked up the above configuration with 4 radios and confirmed DTD neighbors for all radios. I then connected my test PC to a 5th stand alone mesh node and confirmed I could https to the switch web interface over the mesh network.

NOTE: A port forwarding rule is NOT required. The LAN subnet of each mesh node is routable over the mesh network. Simply enter the LAN address that was DHCP reserved into your browser and go to the switch configuration interface. I was also able to create a service on the Mesh Node 1 advertising the web interface to other nodes.

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Sounds to me as though you

Sounds to me as though you did it correctly.  Well done!

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