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Reload AirOS to Rocket with Aredn installed

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Reload AirOS to Rocket with Aredn installed

I have tried to reload airos to my rocket m5 with aredn installed. I can get it into recovery mode but don't know what IP address it has to do the tftp. Any help would be appreciated.


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The standard Ubiquiti

The standard Ubiquiti recovery mode address is

I tried to ping that address

I tried to ping that address but get a note saying it is unreachable. I have my computer address set to Would it have that IP even though Aredn is installed?


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yes, that's the correct

yes, that's the correct address to use. The bootloader always comes up on If you can't ping it, you either aren't in recovery mode, have your workstation configured wrong, or you have a hardware problem (bad cable?). 

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When in TFTP recovery mode,

When in TFTP recovery mode, the LEDs on the device should be flashing in an alternating sequence:  ie.  1&3, 2&4, 1&3, 2&4,1&3, 2&4, 1&3, 2&4
If NOT, then you are not holding the RESET button down long enough when you power up (around 30 seconds if I recall).

does not reply to ICMP

According to UBNT, controllers do not reply to an ICMP request when in the TFTP recovery mode.

Just a personal observation,

Just a personal observation, and from experience. If you are having an issue with not being able to ping your rocket. Check your power inserter. I have found that the older rockets require more power, and if you use one of the lower wattage power supplies the Ethernet interface will not come up. It will bounce up and down. Giving you sporadic connectivity.

Rich, W6ABJ

I realise this is a somewhat

I realise this is a somewhat older thread, but I recently tried to change some WRT54's from BBHN v3.x.x to DD-WRT and found an interesting trick.

The WRT54's firmware updater wouldn't accept the file, so I renamed the firmware as if it were a BBHN upgrade file and it worked perfectly.
Don't know if it will work with Ubiquiti nodes, but might be worth a try, unless somebody knows for sure that it won't work.

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I would say that this is

I would say that this is HIGHLY RISKY.   With a proper setup (ip addresses, ftp settings, etc), I've *NEVER* had a TFTP failure.  It's very reliable (at least on UBNT gear).

+1 that.

+1 that.

I can say the upgrade system wasn't built with performing a restore to UBNT factory in mind.

TFTP is the best method.

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