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Rel Tunnel Client

Hello All,

I've upgraded both of my Nano M2 stations to experimental release Before the upgrade, one of them was set to be a Tunnel client. I've tried to restore the client but have problems doing so. After the node was upgraded I went to the setup page and pushed the Tunnel client button. Per the instructions on screen,  I uploaded the Tunnel software by pushing the button. After downloading the software, when I push the Tunnel Client pushbutton again, an entry screen appears into which I can enter my client credentials. After enering my data, I've pushed the add button on the right of the entry boxes which then brings up a new screen with a new line for entering a new server and a delete button after the entry I just made. There is also a little graphic of a cloud, presumably to indicate that I am now on the cloud (Internet).

However, when I go to the node's Mesh Status page, there is no indication of this new neighbor, and when I go back to the tunnel client setup page, my entry is now missing and the page is blank with no servers configured.

I've tried pushing the Save Changes button after adding my credentials, followed by a reboot but no good. I've tried pushing the Save Changes button without pushing the Add button after entering my data followed by a reboot. I've tried entering my data with two different o/s's: Linux slackware/Firefox or Win 7 Starter/Firefox but get the same thing.

I've also reloaded the whole upgrade image (without saving data) to start from scratch but get the same behavior.

It's almost as if the node is simply not saving the data (pushing it to /dev/null ?). Maybe saving it to a different place that it retrieves it from ?

Any help to fix this would be appreciated.

73, Mark, N2MH

Did you check the enable box?

Did you check the enable box? That's the first one I can think of that gets me often is I forget to check that.  After that ya may want to telnet into the node and type "logread" it will tell you more about what's going on.

Cloud should be blue when it's connected successfully to the remote node. If not the remote details will never show up because the tunnel isn't yet online.


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i have discovered an issue on

i have discovered an issue on the server page where the "cloud" does not light-up in blue when connected. 


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Further Info

I made sure that the enabled box was checked. This time I got a ton of error messages back on the screen:



Problem saving UCI vtun connection client IP (#0)
Problem saving UCI vtun connection server IP (#0)
Problem saving UCI vtun connection name (#0)
Problem saving UCI vtun connection (#0)
Problem saving UCI vtun connection (#0)
Problem saving UCI vtun connection (#0)
Problem saving UCI vtun connection (#0)

Connect this node to the following servers:


Nothing showed up with logread. The cloud stayed white.

73, Mark, N2MH



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There are  fixes in the

There are  fixes in the pipeline for a update.    We found af few firewall chains that had been renamed in the OpenWRT Barrier Breaker upgrade which basically means routing doesn't work in the b01 experimental for tunnels.   Darryl has also improved the UI quality and other parts of the code.   Hang for just a little before moving forward with any attempts to use tunnels until the b02 is out.       


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