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Recovering an AirRouterHP?

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Recovering an AirRouterHP?

So I was setting up an AirRouterHP, got AREDN loaded up just fine.  I was messing around with getting it configured, and apparently got it into a "mesh access point" mode ( I can't remember the exact wording - but it's on the drop-down list under the basic setup window).  The exact selection was listed as being deprecated in a future release, if that helps.  Now it does function when I connect a node to the AirRouter - as it's supposed to I think.

My issue is, that I really just wanna use it to replace my GS105E switch and provide another WiFi access point.  But I can't figure out how to attach to the AirRouter  and get at it's setup, either to change the Mesh Node, or flash it back to it's original Ubnt load.

Can anyone give me the clue I'm missing?

As a heads up Mesh Access
As a heads up Mesh Access Point mode was deprecated in and is slated to be fully removed from the next major release.

If you want to use the AirRouter as just an Access Point it is recommended to use the factory firmware (AirOs) which can be restored by TFTP (see the AirOs user guide for how to do this or follow the TFTP section of this user guide, except use the AirOS install file instead of the AREDN factory file ).  Another common device used for Access Points is the AirGateway (small, plugs into the power brick)  but really ANY access point will work.

If you want to get the AirRouter back to the initial setup mode you can (after the node has fully booted) you can press and  hold the reset button for 15 seconds and it will revert back to preconfigure mode (where no callsign or anything else is set)
Thanks, that did it!  I was
Thanks, that did it!  I was able to flash it back to original AirOS.

Do I need to setup VLAN's in the router analogous to the GS105?  I'm looking for a 1 Node, 3 LAN, 1 WAN setup.

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AirRouter HP and VLANs
While the AirRouter has some VLAN capability, it does not seem to be able to be configured to meet your needs. See the User Guide pages 20, 26 and 32 for the sparse information supplied. 
hrm - seems to me like there

hrm - seems to me like there ought to be a way to get it done, but it looks like the AirRouter won't tag or untag?

I do see there's an OpenWRT build for it - and that would probably work?

Perhaps I'll clarify what I'm trying to achieve, and someone can color in the square I'm missing (see attached pic).  The silver laptop(s) is mounted in my vehicle (and mobile around the site), and the connection to the AirGateway is spotty at best.  I was hoping to replace the GS105E and AirGateway with the AirRouter HP to get some better WiFi coverage, and then repurpose the GS105E/AirGateway for another mobile node.

I don't mind using AREDN loads on the AirRouter but that doesn't really allow me WiFi connectivity from other laptops at this location?

Your help in straighting me out is much appreciated!


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