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Recommended Video Cameras

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Recommended Video Cameras
We need video cameras which are completely controllable from their built-in web server, so no special software in required.
They need to have controllable frame and data rates etc.   What do you recommend? We have been using some el cheapo cameras which just 
don't work well over the mesh.  Need recommendations for both fixed and PTZ models.  Thanks!

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Start with this thread
The following thread is a good place to start
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In that thread, some of the
In that thread, some of the cameras required quicktime. If you're running Windows, you shouldn't be running quicktime anymore (security flaws, Apple no longer updating). 

So far the best cameras are ones that you can't easily use from a browser. You either load some local software and use rtsp streams. But Joe did do a review of this camera and it will be the first one I buy when our EMA budget gets approved in June:
Sumpple Wifi Wireless/Wired 960P 4X Optical Zoom Outdoor Pan/Tilt IP Network Camera IP66 Waterproof, Night Vision, Video Recording, Snapshot, Motion Detection, Support IOS, Android or Laptop PC Black

Use an old iPod
Old thread, but in case anyone comes hunting down here, I have been using a repurposed Apple iPod running the free LiveReporter app as a fairly reliable RTSP camera (at least for experimentation).  It's now packaged in a plastic box and usually deployed solar power on my hillside, when I am not experimenting with it.

(Yeah, I know folks here are looking reliable EMCOMM camera... but as an experimenter, the iPod was free -- broken screen and useless otherwise!).

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Unifi G3
I know this is an old thread, but has anyone tried using the Ubiquiti Unifi G3 cameras on the mesh?  Looks like it uses the same passive 24V POE as the other devices such as the Nano Stations etc...  I use one at home but not sure how well it works without a Unifi controller as a stand alone camera.

Chris N4TNA
Just saw your post - I have

Just saw your post - I have the G3 camera and have had it on my MESH.  I am trying to find an NVR (or at least understand other alternatives) so the video can be picked up on any internet connected PC also MESH connected
I have had a friend click on the clickable link on my node and the camera comes up across the MESH (using Chrome).

My understanding is that the G3 will only work on 24V, so I use an inverter for mobile ops or genset.

Vance - KC8RGO

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I was wondering if it would
I was wondering if it would work on 12v but that's not that big of a deal.  I'm running 3 100w solar panels and 3 100ah batteries with a 400w inverter hooked to them in my van.  So using the standard POE injector connected to the inverter should work fine.  Anything that can run off of 12v I have running straight off the batteries.  Inverter just charges my laptop and HT's.  I have been just using the Ubiquiti NVR software running on a Windows 10 laptop at home for my G3 cameras and seems to work fine.  I would just need to install it on my EMcomm laptop for use in the van.  I really need to post some pictures when I get a chance.  It's a real sweet set up.  Ran it for Field Day last summer and Winter Field Day this past January and worked fine.  Thanks for the info.

73 de N4TNA

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