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Recent updates in AREDN Nightly builds

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Recent updates in AREDN Nightly builds
The AREDN dev team is all about CI (Continuous Improvement).   In that vein, recently nightly builds have these changes and improvements (plus other minor tweaks that the user won't see):
  • Manage tactical names better
  • Fix random iperf failures
  • Improve long filename display
  • Run an hourly check on published services and disable any which aren’t really available
    As part of the work being done to cleanup published services on the mesh, now OLSR will forget services no longer provided by nodes.  Rather than modify the publishing process, this code runs once per hour and will update the olsrd.conf file if it finds changes (a services disappears, or a service reappears) and restart the daemon.  Importantly, it doesn't remove any user configuration, so if a service is temporarily unavailable it will be re-published when it's online again.
  • Make Keep Settings more prominent; improve layout of Administration page
  • Prevent bad characters from being used in service names.
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