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reboots before upgrading firmware?

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reboots before upgrading firmware?

Seeking everyone's feedback to determine if a fix did the job, if we no longer need to reboot a node prior to upgrading the firmware.   

This fix was applied on June 18, 2019:

The original issue submitted is here:

Since this fix was added I've purposely not rebooted mesh nodes when upgrading to latest nightly build.    As an example, I just upgraded a NanoStation M3 from night #1000 to #1022.  This node was last rebooted over a month prior and the upgrade was successful.  

To confirm this fix solved the issue, please avoid rebooting your nodes prior to an upgrade to gather more data points so there is confidence to close this issue.  This is best done on easy to access nodes.    I won't be doing this test on remote hard-to-reach tower sites.    Be sure you already have a nighty build image on your device from after June 18th that has this fix.   I'm not sure what build number this is off-hand.


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