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RBD53iG-HacD2Hnd, downgrading RouterOS: Failed

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RBD53iG-HacD2Hnd, downgrading RouterOS: Failed
After suggestion from Bill km6slf and
after 2 tries on 2nd computer, I installed nightly 20231008 via standard PXE instructions.
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As far as I know, no

As far as I know, no Routerboard device can be downgraded below the "factory-firmware" version.  The factory firmware version can be determined by connecting to the device using WinBox, WebFig, or a terminal.  This is an example from a terminal window for my RB4011 router that serves as my main house router (not an RF device):

[redacted@RB4011iGS+] > /system routerboard print
       routerboard: yes
             model: RB4011iGS+
          revision: r2
     serial-number: redacted
     firmware-type: al2
  factory-firmware: 6.47.9
  current-firmware: 6.49.8
  upgrade-firmware: 6.49.8

You can see that the factory firmware version is 6.47.9 in the router.
You CAN downgrade to any version at or greater than the factory firmware version, so I could downgrade to 6.48.1 for example (not that I plan to).

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Hi, Jim:
Hi, Jim: Thanks. Bill - KM6SLF on socal said AREDN can be loaded without downgrading via the standard PXE instructions. On my 2nd attempt on a 2nd computer...success! Now running nightly 20231008. :-) 3s, Chuck

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