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RasPBX working now next step ?

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RasPBX working now next step ?

Well I got my raspbx working with 3 phones now I could use some guidance on next step to connect perhaps to Tunnel?

I plan to next try connecting one phone to a nanostation that is also located here at home. I believe I understand
it will then allow calling across the 2 nodes?

Thanks for guidance 


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Yes it will using the same

Yes it will using the same Proxy address over RF or tunnel. 

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Additional Phone

Hello Darrell,

Assuming that your Raspbx and 3 working phones are on the LAN side of one node, then bringing up another node and having a phone on its LAN side should also work. Of course, the two nodes will have to mesh together and see each other in their respective Mesh Status display pages. The new phone will need to register to the PBX address on the original node. Depending on your phone, this PBX address can be called a "SIP Server" or "proxy" or something else.

Some operational suggestions:
1. Your PBX should be set up with a reserved ip address on the original node. This way, it will always get the same ip address even if itself or the node is power cycled.
2. Once the two nodes are up and running and meshing with each other, take one of your original phones and move it to the other node. It should find a new ip address for itself but still register to the old address of the PBX and be able to talk to the other phones. When the phone registers with the PBX, the PBX will take care of figuring out which ip address belongs to what extension. All you will have to do is simply call whatever extension number is desired.

No tunnels should be necessary to do something like this. Tunnels are only useful when two nodes can not see each other.

73, Mark, N2MH



Thanks Mark good to have confirmation ,I set the pbx to reserved dhcp on my hAP Lite  then I connected each phone to it's own node here at home
and make calls across the nodes. 

If  two nodes have their own PBX and they connect to each other either via a tunnel or RF is that were the PBX must need a telco type code programed in?

Thanks again.  

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