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R5AC - PTMP version

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R5AC - PTMP version

I know the Uniquiti R5AC PTMP version is not the LITE version. Its supposed to have airPrism filtering. (doesnt cover the low band)
Does anyone know if the PTMP will accept our latest AREDN Firmware?
Is it a matter of just trying it?

I just looked it up The

I just looked it up The Rocket R5AC lite is what is shown as supported, but the only difference is the lite is missing the prism chip.
open wrt link

Here is more info on the variants of hte R5AC

Also found this:
But it now has a label so not sure if it is being worked on or is done.

Yes, it is in the nightly build stable released... That is good news the OKC EOC can use it as a replacement for the old rocket m5

(thanks kp4djt Chuck via slack.)

r5ac-PTMP update

r5ac-PTMP update

Got a new/oldstock r5ac-PTMP unit today.
Upgraded ubiquiti firmware from v7.1 to xc v8.1.0
Flashed to AREDN 22030712 nightly.
Seems to work, but has big red bar "Unsupported Device" on status screen.
Also shows a lower noise level in the signal/noise/snr.   -121 (indoor on 120 sector)  vs an r5ac-lite showing -114 (outdoor on rd30 dish) .

Well closer inspection
Well closer inspection suggests the PTMP recieved signal is 20dB lower in absolute reading. <-85 vs -65 dBm on the reverse path.
Plan to try on an un obstructed path later this week.

Would the model code from the unsupported SCC teen details?
node: model: 0xe3f5

model: 0xe3f5

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