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Question about USB Serial Adapter

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Question about USB Serial Adapter

I am having some trouble with the Nanostation M2.  I decided to try the Unbricked procedure from Ryan Elliot - AI6NE.  I purchased a Gearmo  FTDI-LED RS-232 USB 2.0 Serial Adapter.  I think it is installed OK.  I have the M2 apart and connected to pins 2,3 and 5 on the adapter per the instructions.  I have been trying to use PUTTY.  I configure the Putty as serial mode using the parameters in the instructions.  I can get a console up, but it does not seem to be communicating with the M2.  Does anyone have any suggestions to help move me along further?  Is there a better console software to use?  I have telnet in windows, but it does not seem to have configuration options.
Phil - W6SOI   

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What is the latest on this?
What is the latest on this? Do you get any sort of indication you are receiving data from the Nanostation? If this were me, I'd be swapping pins 2 and 3. Another issue you might be fighting is TTL signals vs RS-232 signals.

Let us know.

Thank you

--Dan Meyer / n0kfb

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