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QRT-2: Are these viable for AREDN load?

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QRT-2: Are these viable for AREDN load?

Can we get the QRT-2 (RBQRTG-2SHPnD) working as an AREDN node? It has an AR9342 chipset like other AREDN nodes. 
The reason I ask is because it has some great advantages over other 2.4GHz nodes:

* 35dBm HIGH POWER!!! (isn't that like 3 Watts?)
* 22 degree Horizontal & Vertical beamwidth 
* 17 dBi gain MIMO panel antenna
* Low profile form factor for such a promising PtP device
* Did I mention 35dBm Power?

Before I took apart the QRT-2 I thought it would be just like the QRT-5, with a RB911G board inside which is very similar to the BaseBox series, but it is NOT. It's some other weird type of board that is unique to the QRT-2. I'm submitting a follow-up post to include photos of it's disassembly.

-Damon K9CQB

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QRT-2: Are these viable for AREDN load? (Photos)

As you can see I disassembled the QRT-2. The photos are in this order:

1. The RBQRTG-2SHPnD Board itself (see the top part of the board with the splitter array coming off of Chain 1)
2. The RBQRTG-2SHPnD Baord as it is mounted to the back of the reflector
3. The RBQRTG-2SHPnD H-Pol/V-Pol MIMO antenna array - I removed the PCB with the directors on it and placed it below the QRT unit so the fed element array can be seen (slot antennas in cross-polarization arrays appear as 'plus signs')

-Damon K9CQB

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I have one of these, but has been some time since I looked at it.   I need to confirm, but I think it didn't respond after trying to load the .elf.   If you have the case open and can try to boot the .elf and capture the serial console output, that may give the clue to the next step.


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I will try that when I return from travel

When I return from travel next week I will try capturing the serial console output. I think I already know where the headers are.

-Damon K9CQB

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