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Puzzlement with an Ubiquiti Bullet M2 XM and Bullet M2 XW

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Puzzlement with an Ubiquiti Bullet M2 XM and Bullet M2 XW

I have a:

- bullet M2 XM


- bullet M2 XW

They are both running AREDN

The bullet M2 XM will go to a power level of 28 dB.

The bullet M2 XW will only fo to a power level of 25 dB.

Both devices have the red LED number 3 lit.

The bullet M2 XW has the LED number 6 lit.

The bullet M2 XM does not have LED 6 lit (it works during boot  up but is not lit during operation)

They both seem to be running fine, but I am puzzled that they are different.


The red LED 3 means OLSR is runni

The red LED, LED 3, means OLSR is running.  Until this is on there is no routing available.

Now to find out what the green LED 6 means!

Possible bug:More data: apparent problem with bullet XM image

Ok the Ubiquiti LEDS are described at:


 It would seem if there are only three LEDs for power output and one lan that the LEDS would be:

- LED 1 green: power

- LED 2 blinking green: lan active

- LED 3 red: OLSR on/mesh connected

- LED 4: off

- LED 5: off

- LED 6 high power

I am using the image:

- aredn-

when I use the image aredn- on an XW device, the top gree LED lights.

When I use the HSMM 3.1 image on an XM device the top LED lights.

It looks like there is a bug in the aredn- which thinks there are four power LEDs and is trying to light a non-exiust LED.

My best guess so far.

How do I get assistance to debug this possible bug?



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