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I saw a reference to the AREDN version of hamchat in another thread.  If you do not have connection to the internet on your network, where can this be downloaded for manual install?

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Instructions are posted on

Instructions are posted on this forum thread to "MeshChat": 


HamChat is different then

HamChat is different then meschat.

hamchat for latest releases ( and newer) can be downloaded from:

meshchat is at the link described by Joe.

Which one you want will depend upon your network needs..

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I'll add...

I'll add...

hamchat is very lightweight and provides basic functions
meshchat is more feature rich (distributed messaging, files support, etc)

Thanks for the replies.  I've

Thanks for the replies.  I've used hamchat before and I'll give meshchat a try and see how it does.  Just getting everything switched over to AREDN and now have running Asterisk on a pi with a couple of phones and a webcam.

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