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Proper Version of TFTP

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Proper Version of TFTP

I  have re-flashed a mesh node so that I can redefine the password, which got lost.  The problem occurs when I attempt to load the mesh binary.  When I attempt to use the TFTP command from within a command window on my Laptop I get a message:

 “This app can’t run on your PC
To find a version for your PC, check with the software publisher”

This message was not formatted as any Windows message I have seen which might imply that there is a program tftp.exe on my computer??

I had previously activated tftp as per instructions.

My computer is a HP Pavilion Windows 10 laptop computer

The command I tried to execute was “TFTP.exe -i put C:\Ham Radio Deluxe\aredn-”

I know that was not good practice putting the binary in the Ham Radio Deluxe folder but do not see how that would create a technical problem.

In order to load the binary for my Ubiquity mesh node I need TFTP.  How can I resolve this problem?  What version of tftp should I be using?  Where do I find this version?  Who is the software publisher?

These are issues that do not appear to be addressed by the documentation.

No need to reflash to recover password

FYI you do not need to reflash your node in order to reset/recover a password.  Use the reset button as described here:

Proper Version of TFTP - ver 2

Proper Version of TFTP ver 2

It was pointed out that I did not need to flash back to factory to change password (rtfm) and I was able to thus reset the password for 1 node.  4 nodes to go.

I would still like to understand the proper version of TFTP since it is likely that I will need that capability in the future.


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