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Progress on new UI

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Progress on new UI

The AREDN web UI (User Interface) was written in Perl back when hsmm (high speed multimedia) was brought to life by, among other groups, the Broadband-Hamnet team.  AREDN inherited that code when they came into being. Since then, the UI has evolved a bit, but still in the Perl programming language which while useful, is starting to show its age.

Recently a project was started to modernize that UI in a more efficient language framework (Lua + Vue.js/Nuxt) with a more usable interface.  Darryl K5DLQ is the lead on that project.  Recently Tim KN6PLV has started to contribute.  It's moving along but there's still much more work to be done.  (If you're familiar with these languages and would like to contribute, there's always room for more help!)

Just to get your juices flowing, the attached screenshots are prototypes of the new UI.  Bear in mind that the finished product almost certainly will be somewhat different!

Orv W6BI


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Just curious, is this new

Just curious, is this new interface in the nightly builds?

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New UI

No; it's strictly in prototype at the moment.  Maybe in nightly builds late this year?

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