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Problems with an M2 Loco and routing

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Problems with an M2 Loco and routing
Hi all,

this is the setup I am trying to configure, and I am having some difficulty so I am hoping that someone else may know where I am going wrong.

I have a Netgear FSM726v2 (26 port switch), an M2 Loco
I've gone into the switch management and created 3 vlans
Mesh: (VLAN 1) IP-<20 (DHCP router independent of Loco)
Port 13 (wan gateway) Tagged (ip
Port 24 (Loco) Untagged) (ip
Port 23 (pc for setup) Untagged (ip

Lan setup on M2 NAT:, subnet DHCP disabled

Mesh-lan: (VLAN 10)
members port one
Ports 13<24 all untagged

Home network (VLAN2) IP range<254 gateway router
members port one
ports 2<11

So with just ports 13, 23, 24 plugged in, I have no internet access? any ideas this is driving me nuts, it should work.

Looks like your clan

Looks like your vlan assignment conflicts with the standards mentioned in the release notes and in the device linking guide.

VLAN1 tagged is used for mesh node WAN access (
VLAN2 tagged is used for mesh devices to talk to each other ( DTDLink )
Untagged is the mesh "Lan" port

Beyond that when in nat mode mode should aim for a range outside the range for Lan.

After that it's a question of your wan gateway and it's configuration and mesh node configuration (e.g. Gateway through Lan disable the WAN port in UI)  and your gateway DHCP server settings.

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