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Presentation from Spain

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Presentation from Spain

Hi all

My name is Alex Casanova (EA5HJX), I have some background in networking, sysadmin and cybersecurity.
I know the project from several years ago, but now I have free time to tinker with this project and to show it to my spanish colleagues.

I'm a member from EMCOM Spain (, member of HAMNET Spain, and several projects related with telecommunications and hamradio, including a podcast related with hamradio called "El mundo en nuestra Antena".

In EMCOM Spain we're working hard, to make some documentation in spanish to present the AREDN project at IBERRADIO 2019 (an anual hamradio meeting in Avila, Spain). Also, we're working to make a PoC (Proof of concept) with several equipment to show them at the annual congress (including VoIP with Asterisk, and several services over the mesh network).

I hope I can help in the project creating documentation in spanish, helping to deploy some nodes and, of course, showing the features of the project to my collegues.

My best wishes to the project and many many thanks for this awesome project; guys you rock !!

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Puedo Ayudarte. Donde vivas?

Where do you live? I'm asking because I have property in Chipiona (near San Lucar, Cadiz) and also wanted to set up an AREDN node in Spain. I've always wondered what the allotted amateur radio channels are for AREDN.
I can help with any advice over the phone as well (WhatsApp is best). I also speak Spanish.

-Damon K9CQB

Contact information

Hi Damon
Many thanks for your reply
I have sent you a private message with my contact information

Kind regards
Alex (EA5HJX)

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