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Powerbeam should be bricked by my mistake, but it isn't? Advice needed.

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Powerbeam should be bricked by my mistake, but it isn't? Advice needed.

Last night we converted 2 PowerBeams:  M5-300 & M5-400.

The 300 went fine, but in my fatigue we made a crucial error on the 400.  At the point we were rolling back from AirOS 5.6.2 XW, I accidentally selected the new AREDN firmware and installed it.  It's my understanding this is a likely bricking scenario.  

I wasn't able to connect to it immediately, but since the LEDs indicated it booted the AREDN firmware I tried the reset button and a prayer.  It worked and I was taken to the initial screen.

Being tired and already making mistakes I decided to leave it alone and ask you guys about it today.  

Since I can view the initial setup screen am I good to continue on or will I encounter some trouble later?  Is there some other precaution I need to take?  I jotted this down in case it would help:  

free space 1864 kb
/tmp 30440 kb
memory 36756 kb
It gave me an IP of

How should I proceed?  Can I rejoice that I dodged a bullet or am I not yet out of the woods?  

Thanks in advance for all of your help!



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Yes, it is safe to proceed.
Yes, it is safe to proceed. The root cause of the brick in is fixed in the current RC1. However, a couple other issues are being addressed that may be encountered on some devices. You might not be able to save settings. The flash might not be writable. Go ahead and move forward and let me know if any further issues. Joe AE6XE

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