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PowerBeam M5 bricked?

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PowerBeam M5 bricked?
I have one PowerBeam M5 that is not working. It had I tried to upgrade to a nightly version, but it seems that I used a wrong file in the process. I do not get any contact with the M5, but it seems to boot in a normal manner, with front and back LEDs on, and the #2 from back indicate it is communicating. I do not get a DHCP address, and the machine do not answer on or Is there any hope?? I also have one M5 working, I just upgraded to 1375-812c007.
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PowerBeam M5 bricked?
Try to link with the M5 on RF.
Try a WiFi Scan to find it. May need to scan on 5,10, and 20 MHz.
Else, set device into TFTP mode and do a *factory.bin load.
Hope this helps, Chuck
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See this issue:https://github

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