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PowerBeam-M2-400 Firmware?

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PowerBeam-M2-400 Firmware?
I have a Ubiquiti PowerBeam-M2-400.  However, when I visit the downloads page ( and search for it, all I see is "no model found".

The list of firmware though shows it here:


If I search on PowerBeam, only the XW version shows.

So I'm a bit confused.  Is it supported?  Is the search page and the list just out of sync?

Thank you.
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I have a Ubiquiti PowerBeam-M5-400
I have a Ubiquiti PowerBeam-M5-400 installed, but out of service.
I will power it up and see what firmware it has installed, after it stops raining.
Current Version: 20240112-ce5521f      Hardware Type: (ath79/generic) ubnt (powerbeam-m5-xw)

IIRC, through 2022, I loaded *-ar71xx-ubnt-rocket-m-xw-*.bin onto my PBE-M5-400-XW.
I assume that I have simply upgraded since then.
I looked but could not find a current *-factory.bin for the M[25]-400-xw device.

I searched, here in this forum, and found:
There were many mentions in the forum of m2-400 and m5-400.

73, Chuck


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