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Power Beam M5 300 Firmware upgrade

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Power Beam M5 300 Firmware upgrade
Hello to all,

I have a couple of newly purchased Powerbeam M5 300 nodes.  I have successfully installed the AREDN frimware and now want to upgrade via the GUI.  When I click upload, it simply drops the browser page and does nothing.

Any ideas  would be helpful to this newby.
Have a couple....had no problems with upgrades

I've done several firmware updates on these units.  I'm current running nightly build 1022 to see if it takes care of the monthly lockup issue that presents on this hardware.

I just haven't had any problems doing the firmware upgrade.  

What initial firmware version did you load?



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Powerbeam M5-300 Upgrade
Try clearing your Browser Cache or use a different browser.  I prefer Chrome as it will give you an upload progress counter in the bottom left corner.
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newly purchased Powerbeam M5 300 nodes

Hi, Wayne:

Please, some fill-in-the-blanks:
You installed aredn- using the TFTP procedure?
If you did not use the TFTP procedure, let us know.
If you did not install aredn-, let us know.
If yes, you have installed the latest STABLE release.
I assume that you configured the device with a node name, password, distance to farthest node, and rebooted?

If there is some feature that you want that is in the Nightly-Builds, then after installing and configuring
a correct *-factory.bin you may next load the latest Nightly-Build using the *-sysupgrade.bin file
using the GUI from the Administration page.

Installing and configuring the AREDN *factory.bin needs to be done once, then you may
use *sysupgrade.bin thereafter.

Help is here:

Hope this helps, Chuck

Power Beam M5 300 Upgrade
Thanks very much to all that have replied.  So here is what I have done.
I have loaded the factory .bin file using TFTP  and all installed fine using a Chrome browser.
I have successfully setup the initial settings and rebooted back into the node.
When I go to the Admin GUI to upload the latest upgrade file, I chose the file and click upload and the browser page drops and say can't be found and there is no activity with the upgrade or node response.  When I click the back arrow, the page refreshs and the Mesh page returns.
Reboots, power boots, and cache removal has had no effect.  Both the factory and upgrade files were from the listed firmware for this node.

Thanks again for the help,
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latest upgrade file, I chose the file

Hi, Wayne:

You did not mention the file names, so I am guessing here.

is not an upgrade to aredn-

They are the same version.
That sysupgrade would be an upgrade from to

Hope this helps, Chuck

Power Beam firmware upgrade
You are correct and I was wondering about the similarity in file names.  At any rate, I have managed to upgrade them both and thank you to all that have responded.  I believe that it was a Save/Reboot problem on my newby part.

Best regards to all,


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