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Possibly setting up in Erie

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Possibly setting up in Erie

I've had my ham radio license for almost 30 years, but I haven't done much since I moved to Colorado. 2 years ago, coworkers told me about DMR, which I didn't do much until recently, and I just found out about CARBBN and AREDN. Broadband data transfer is very interesting to me. Compared to 1200 or 9600 bps packet radio, this is leaps and bounds beyond.

I'm in Erie and thought about setting up a node, except I'm in an HOA area, so no outdoor antennas. If I setup a node with a 9 dbi omni antenna (which I already own) or a 15 dbi antenna, will I see anyone else? Does it even matter? At this point, are we simply trying to put up nodes to start the network and get others interested?

There have been several folks

There have been several folks in your area on mesh over the last few years. I don't know how many are still up and operating. You can setup your node with the CARBBN SSID and see if you show any other nodes on your Mesh Status page. If not, you might then change the SSID to AREDN and check the status again. There have been folks using both of those SSIDs over the last few years. I live in Castle Rock, so unfortunately we are too far away to get a connection between us. 

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